“I have know Sean since September 2001when I joined The Field. Then he was a senior designer in our very busy studio, working on brand creation, literature and online design.Witty, personable and a great team player, Sean has always had the ability to create well thought out ideas, but also deliver these to a very high standard, which is a rare attribute. Since The Field, Sean has worked in senior creative roles in various agencies and has a varied and strong portfolio. At Mr B & Friends we again employed Sean as a freelance resource, and each time he delivered strong conceptual ideas, which were presented to the client. I’d recommend Sean to any client or studio needing a talented senior creative.”
Steve Richardson, Creative Director, Mr B & Friends.

“Sean has over 13 years of industry experience working for a number of top London agencies but 13 is unlucky so I’ve changed that to 14. Sean has a conceptual approach to all projects with creativity and originality being key. I know this is what he wanted me to say but the truth is he’s only good at colouring in. He has extensive experience in creating and implementing compelling brands across a wide range of media. He is quite good at dot to dot as well. Unfortunately for the design industry Sean turned down the opportunity of becoming a professional golfer when he was 23 because his feet were too big for any available golf shoes. He now plays at a lesser level in flip flops.
Mark Lappin, Director, Bite CP.

“Sean is super passionate, extraordinarily committed and extremely insightful. He listens to opinion and encourages feedback, all with the aim of creating the best possible solution. Sean lives and breathes his work, resulting in some truly stunning design.”
Darren Cornwall, Director, Bite CP.

“Sean has worked with us on and off for the past 5 years, both in a full time and freelance capacity dealing with brand and identity projects as both lead designer, managing a team internally and client presentations externally. He is a great conceptual thinker, pushing creative boundaries at every opportunity, but without losing sight of client objectives: drawing on his years of industry experience and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of current trends he combines typographic excellence and design sensibilities to create outstanding work across media. He is a passionate, larger than life character who brings energy and commitment to the studio. An all round good guy to have on your team.”
Treve Ripley, Creative Director Turnbull Ripley.

“Sean is a great designer, very creative and with a lovely personality as well. He’s never afraid to contribute and is at the heart of our studio in terms of his contribution to the work and the atmosphere.”
Mark Turnbull, Owner, Turnbull Ripley