About me

I’m a talented designer. I live design.
To me it is not a job, it is my lifestyle.
I’ve been doing it for 14 years now.

Whilst I carry the title of designer,
I am also a skilled photographer,
I like playing with words and of
course I love drawing and sketching.

I bring commitment, creativity,
straight-talking and wit to any
creative environment.

For me, crafting is a habit and not
an act. This is something that I have
developed since an early love of
calligraphy that lead to a ponchance
for typography.

Not only am I a creative thinker, but I
am a strategic thinker which is why I
am a sucker for audits, identities and
visual systems.

I relish constant challenges which I
know are a source of growth from
a creative and business perspective.
I like to inspire others around me
but at the same time also be inspired
by them.

I’m happy if i am behind the camera
art directing a photoshoot, leading
a team in a creative brainstorming,
presenting to clients, detailing
typography on an annual report or
looking at the bigger picture on a
rebranding project.

I nearly turned professional as a golfer
in 1996, but chose a career in design
as i knew my putting would always
have let me down. But i know my
design won’t.

I am part of an elite cycling group called Ripcor.
Check out our website here

I am proud to be a part owner of a golf company
which I have created the brand for.
Check it out here.